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Macon, Georgia  native; Mr. Parker is a Charismatic, Humorous, Visionary who has many talents such as; singer/songwriter, playwright, director, producer, filmmaker, actor, entrepreneur, inspirational writer. Mr. Parker uses all of his talents to give God the glory and to talk to people from all walks of life.  Although not being in the church all of his life he is inspired by the journey life has taken him on. Experiencing domestic violence in the home,  Drug dealing, Gambling, fighting, stealing, and  becoming a teenage parent. Mr. Parker was on a road of destruction until he moved in with is great-grandmother, Laura Monroe; who he called (Mama). She instilled in him to fear God and affiliate yourself with a church  and that is when his life turned around.

 Now Mr. Parker has written over 300 songs and in 2008 released his debut album entitled “"He'’s Been Good To Me"” based on the trials and tribulations God has brought him through. He has been creating and producing plays, music, poetry for a collective of 13 years. He has directed for multiple choirs for 10 years, he has a degree In Computer information Systems, he is a creative minded man, who has the desire to encourage and inspire people from all walks of life. He is a multi-talented servant of God who is striving to be the man God wants him to be.

At a young age, Ronald Boo Parker experienced quite a few downfalls in life. Before throwing his hands up in the air and giving up, he transformed what seemed to be a troubled life into a blessing. The trials and tribulations he went through helped him to create content for songs and eventually stage productions that the average person can relate to.

Initially, he was brainstorming for a name to start a publishing company for his songs. However, that evolved into him founding Soulgood Productions in 2008. Through this entity, he is able to showcase his talents as a director, playwright, producer, singer and songwriter. Although all of his plays have serious subject matter, he always leaves room to make fun of the situation. One of his missions is to include a hint of comedy in every one of his productions.Parker has been consistent and serious about his work as a playwright. He has taken his performances to other theaters. However, the Historic Douglass Theatre has been home base for most of the Soulgood Productions’ stage crafts. One of his dynamics with Soulgood Productions is to turn local artists and citizens into actors and actresses. 

Mr. Parker founded the company SoulGood Productions in 2008 to release the inspirations and creativity that God has given him.  In 2009 he produced his debut stage play "Pray For Me" was ranked #1 in middle Georgia by theatre attendees, and he recently released the play "Hell In My House" which has already gotten rave reviews. An attendee said, it was "THE BEST PLAY I HAVE EVER SEEN". Ronald is known for his soulful style of play writing drawing his audience into the realness of his stage plays and at the same time creating an atmosphere of entertainment to escape the problems and issues of life. The messages are inspiring, the plays are entertaining, and the messenger is very passionate about his vision.  He is one the best playwrights of our time, so don't hesitate to go see one of his plays coming to a city near you.

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